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Renee Ansin

Systems and Technology Improvement Advisor

Being a tech-enabled, customer service driven, salesperson should be the goal of every high acheiver in the industry. Renee works with teams to train, mentor and connect the physical prospecting and marketing skills of good salespeople with the digital.

Making databasing interesting might seem like an oxymoron until you hear Renee talk about the potential to drive business growth and powerfully connect with potential clients. Her enthusiasm for the topic is contagious! Growing up, Renee had the advantage of a mother who is a successful real estate salesperson and auctioneer giving her a unique insight into the high-pressure, high-reward environment. She is an expert in VaultRE, Ray White internal systems and Google Business, which drive the Ray White brand. 

Renee is a homebody who loves spending time with people and entertaining - something that has become a little harder in recent times with a toddler in tow. Her husband of almost ten years is also her high school sweetheart, speaking to her loyal and committed nature.

When it comes to business improvement her words to live by are “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”
– Helmut Schmidt