Raksha Lakhan

Licensee Salesperson

As soon as you meet Raksha you’ll realise she’s a woman who loves life and is passionate about people and real estate. 

You’ll notice she’s ‘quietly buzzing’ with life, knows what she’s talking about, is experienced, professional and gets results. With a degree in economics and land management together with a passion for people and property, real estate was the obvious career choice for her in 2003. 

With many years and hundreds of property sales to her credit, she has a sound real estate business built specifically with her clients’ needs in mind. If you were to read her many testimonials from previous clients the following words and phrases appear quite often, clearly defined plan, perfect plan, professional, price above our target, excellent service, wonderful job, absolutely delighted, far exceeded our wildest dreams, feedback, love her smile, awesome work, tells it straight, best smile in the business, hard working, price beyond our dreams 

If you were to ask Raksha what, apart from her marriage and her business, lights her up, she’d tell you that family is very important to her. In her spare time she loves to curl up with a good book or surf the net for ideas for her next family holiday.



  • 2018 - 2017/2018 Executive
  • 2017 - 2017 - Executive Performer
  • 2016 - 2013 - Executive Performer
  • 2016 - 2012 - Executive Performer
  • 2016 - 2016 - Premier Performer
  • 2006 - 2007 - Premier Performer
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