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Raised in New Zealand, Peter brings over nine years of extensive experience and expertise in the realms of sales and marketing. As a natural-born leader, his confidence and passion instill a sense of ease in prospective buyers, catering to the needs of first-time homebuyers, investors, and homeowners seeking to sell their cherished properties. Peter possesses a unique talent for navigating negotiations with a commitment to safeguarding the best interests of all parties involved.

For homeowners looking to sell their prized possessions, Peter is dedicated to securing the optimal price for their properties. He takes pride in offering comprehensive guidance to all buyers throughout the negotiation process. A true people person, Peter's remarkable ability to negotiate the best deals is evidenced by glowing testimonials from diverse clients. Notably, Peter and his team have successfully settled over 100 million in property transactions, underscoring his exceptional track record.

Peter's amicable nature and unwavering dedication to his clients have cultivated strong relationships not only with buyers but also with fellow agents across various real estate enterprises.