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Gursewak Grewal understands sales. Having run his own businesses since he was 15, he  knows what buyers want. With a diploma in business, he also knows the importance of getting the paperwork right. Add to that an ability to see value that others miss, and having an immediate marketing vision for each property, Gursewak has the sales process covered.

His family arrived in NZ from India  in 90's , Gursewak is fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi, and has spent the last 16 years calling South Auckland home.

With family ties in property development, Gursewak has an instant connection with those looking to develop. However, he also understands the first home buyer journey, and with his innate ability to build strong relationships with people by listening to their needs, he understands all other buyers and sellers in between.

Trustworthy and determined, Garry finishes everything he starts with the same level of dedication and precision to his clients that he would afford his family and friends. He delivers his service with confidence, and is able to talk through all aspects of the sales process, including bank requirements, with those currently in the market or looking to enter shortly. 

Whether you want to discuss the current market, lending requirements or just have a chat to see what podcast he’s listening to this week, give Gursewak a call - he’s here to help!